Bridge Clearance Table

Horizontal and vertical clearance of bridges along the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
Navigation MileBridge NameType of BridgeHorizontal Clearance (Feet)Vertical Clearance (Feet)StagePool Elevation NGVD
443.4Mississippi Highway 25 BridgeFixed30052.00Normal Pool414.0
436.0Southern Railroad BridgeFixed28052.00Normal Pool414.0
435.3U.S. Highway 72 BridgeFixed30053.24Normal Pool414.0
424.7Illinois Central Gulf Railroad BridgeFixed30052.50Normal Pool414.0
421.8Mississippi Highway 30 BridgeFixed30052.50Normal Pool414.0
411.6Mississippi Highway 4 BridgeFixed30057.01Normal Pool330.0
410.7Natchez Trace Parkway BridgeFixed30053.50Normal Pool330.0
389.4U.S. Highway 78 BridgeFixed30052.49Normal Pool245.0
370.1Mississippi Highway 6 BridgeFixed30053.41Normal Pool190.0
369.8Burlington Northern Railroad BridgeFixed30052.00Normal Pool190.0
368.3U.S. Highway 278 BridgeFixed30053.43Normal Pool190.0
357.0Burlington Northern Railroad BridgeFixed30069.50Normal Pool163.0
356.7U.S. Highway 45 BridgeFixed30070.63Normal Pool163.0
339.4Mississippi Highway 50 BridgeFixed30052.57Normal Pool163.0
331.8U.S. Highways 45 and 82 BridgeFixed30062.93Normal Pool136.0
330.9Illinois Central Gulf Railroad BridgeFixed30061.00Normal Pool136.0
308.0Brooksville Road BridgeFixed30052.00Normal Pool136.0
292.7Alabama Highway 17 BridgeFixed30059.00Normal Pool109.0
266.3Alabama Highway 39 BridgeFixed30052.00Normal Pool109.0
253.2Interstates 59 and 20 Highway BridgeFixed30067.80Normal Pool73.0
248.5Alabama Great Southern Railroad BridgeFixed30067.00Normal Pool73.0
248.3William C. Gorgas (U.S. 11) Highway BridgeFixed30076.50Normal Pool73.0

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